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Construction Begins

Construction began today on A/AA and an amazing amount of work was done. I was reminded of how liberating a heavy day of concerted physical activity can be. Mind you, I exercise – I play basketball every week!! – but this is, of course a different feeling. What is it about constructing something, and seeing the visual/physical progress of your activities that is so wonderfully fulfilling? With the sun cooking us, and a much welcomed mid-day burrito delivery, we found ourselves gaining a lot of headway on the schoolhouse.

In the interim between the opening kickoff on Thursday, and Monday’s “groundbreaking,” we discovered a fair amount of material that people dropped in the lot for us to use. Amazingly, what turned out to be, for all intents and purposes, a fully pre-constructed sub-floor was left in the A/AA for us to use. Formerly it was, of all things, part of a Dr. Suess mini-golf course. I believe we were given the Green Eggs and Ham hole. 18th green?

Zefrey, Nicholas, and Matt did an amazing job drilling the former mini-golf hole into the metal frame of the trailer. Now we’re well underway to consider what each area of A/AA will be and what function it can serve.

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